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Posted on 05-21-2015

Conspiracies and the affects they have on our Health

By: Dr. Bruce Wong

Being an ‘alternative’ health practitioner for 26 years now has given me direct insight to the vast and deep ‘Medical Conspiracy’ the majority of the public is completely unaware of.  It is a hidden understanding that what is normal is accepted whether it is truth or not.  For instance, how many people in America have a medical doctor versus how many people in the world don’t have a medical doctor?  The statistics become clear when the facts are revealed.  More than 51% of all pharmaceutical drugs taken in the entire world are taken in America and we make up less than 5% of the world’s population.  By this fact, Americans are the most ‘DRUGGED’ population on the entire earth.  That would obviously mean Americans have the most Medical doctors per capita on earth as well.  Here is an enlightening question.  Are Americans taking so many more drugs than anyone else because we are healthier or sicker?  Healthy people don’t take drugs period!  If a healthy person takes drugs it would produce only one result…Sickness!  So why do sick people take drugs? I am one of those who don’t and have not seen personally a medical doctor for 33 years.  It’s not that I don’t like them, it is because they don’t have anything to offer me to make me healthier.  I do believe in seeing doctors for trauma care and or life-saving procedures, but when it comes to health enhancement, that’s where I draw the line.  It’s unfortunate that doctors can’t promote health to the degree that it is pandemic, due to the fact that they would lose the ability to make a living.  Health is a conflict of interest to the pharmaceutical industry all the way down to the doctors who dispense their drugs.

Now that we have revealed the medical conspiracy; what is the truth about health?  Health enhancement comes first and foremost from within you and I by design.  Your nervous system which regulates function, controls all healing and creates new tissues for regeneration determines your health.  Your nervous system is not only important for all physiological function, it is your intellect and emotions all in one.  When your nervous system is healthy and free from any interference, your health is at the highest level it can be.  You can adapt well to stresses and have an ease when it comes to recovery and healing form any physical or emotional traumas.  The spine’s alignment determines the function of the spine.  The spine surrounds you nervous system and when it is in good alignment, your nervous system functions optimally.  The only health practitioner who deals with correcting spinal misalignments is a corrective chiropractor not a symptomatic chiropractor.  If you truly desire to be healthy, get your spine checked and adjusted by a corrective chiropractor and let the earlier within you out!  

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