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Posted on 04-01-2015

Medical Conspiracy

Most people in the Western world are completely unaware of that there exists a medical conspiracy that controls our healthcare system today.  The agenda of the medical conspiracy is not to make people healthy but to only manage and treat sickness.  Think about it for a minute.  If you were healthy, would you need to take drugs, surgery, radiation or any ongoing treatment for that  matter?  Please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say.  I am all for a drug or a surgery that SAVES a person’s life, but what I am opposed to is unnecessary drugs or surgeries to falsify the illusion of health for the individual. 

What is Required for Health?
Here is where the rubber meets the road, promoting health is far from anything the current medical system does.  It is easy to see this point when you ask the right question: Are drugs or surgeries required for human health?  Without drugs is it impossible for a person to be healthy?  Were our bodies purposely designed defectively to need these potions and procedures?  What is required for human health?  We’ll answer that in the last paragraph.

Despite the untold truth from our deceptive media, humans are not healthier today compared to yesteryear.  In fact it is quite the opposite when you do your research.  If you just take a look, there are people getting more diseases than ever before and at shockingly younger ages.  

Over Prescribed America
"Americans have been led to believe -- by their doctors, by advertisers and by the pharmaceutical industry -- that there is a pill to cure just about anything that ails them.”

- 4.02 billion: number of prescriptions written in the U.S. in 2011
- 46: percentage of American adults that take prescription drugs (2012)
- 34: percentage of American adults taking at least one prescription drug
- 11.5: percentage of American adults taking three or more prescription drugs
- 6.5: percentage of American adults taking 4 or more prescription drugs

One of the most alerting statistic is that those people with lower incomes increases in number of prescription almost 4 times compared to people with higher incomes over 100,000 per year.  This coupled with the fact that educated people take less prescription drugs as well.  We are undoubtedly  funding people to be dependent upon drugs.  Just take a look at the astronomical expense of medicare, medicaid and now the big one, Obamacare.  Was it about healthcare or taxes…or both?  If people were healthy from birth to death, would we need large government health programs.  How did humans make it for thousands of years without them? 

Requirements for Health
The requirements for health are quite simple but by no means can be detailed in whole in this short blog.  I will, however, attempt to give you a brief outline.  The question is what is required for health in eating, moving, thinking and believing.  If you keep this question in mind and insert whatever health requirement into this simple equation, you should be on the right path to wellness.  For example: Is milk required for health?  This means if a person never ever drinks milk (cows), they don’t have any chance at being healthy.  That would emphatically be a…NO! 
Next example: Is a healthy spine and nervous system required for health?  That would be an absolute…YES!  That’s why corrective chiropractic is a necessary part of today’s health.  How about tofu, whole grains, nuts, seeds, saturated fats, vegetables, meat, exercises like weight lifting, or aerobics?  Be careful many of the ones we have been taught are good for health are not and vice versa.

Please attend our Family Wellness Workshops on Tuesday at 6:00pm to find out the exact details of how to move towards health versus away from sickness. Spaces are limited please call to reserve a seat (808) 943-2872. You’ll be glad you did!

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