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Posted on 01-07-2016

~Paradigm Shift for the New Year

By: Dr. Caroline Clukey

January 2016

We live in medical paradigm. People wait for the first sign or symptom to show up and think that is the first day they are unhealthy. They go to their medical doctor for “healthcare,” but in reality, it is sick care. They get their symptoms treated with whatever drug or therapy the medical doctor gives them. The truth is if you’re treating symptoms, you’re going to be treating symptoms for the rest of your life. If you’re waiting for the first sign or symptom to show up, that tells me you have never been taught what health truly is and where it comes from.
I strongly believe chiropractic is the truest form of healthcare.  Chiropractic is based on two principles- the first is that your body is designed self-healing and self-regulating, and the second is that your brain and nervous system controls all healing and regulation. If there is no interruption to that system then your body can heal and function at 100%, the way God designed it to. All function, healing, regulation, adaptation, regeneration happens from above-down-INSIDE-OUT. Health is an internal issue! Any approach to treat symptoms from the outside whether it be pills, potions or lotions does not promote and maintain health, but actually interferes with it.  Chiropractic is the only profession trained to detect and correct interference within your nervous system, which happens when bones of your spine move out alignment and disconnect the communication between your brain and body. You are literally a direct reflection of your nervous system physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Therefore, having a clear connection within your nerve system is the most important thing you can do for your life. Health is so simple and easy, but don’t mistake its simplicity for its importance.

Educating the masses on how to stay healthy does not run parallel with the profitability of the pharmaceutical companies or medical doctors. In life or death/crisis scenarios- yes, medical doctors are needed, but other than that if you’re already healthy why would you need to go to a medical doctor? I always ask people the question- if your body was functioning normally with all the parts working perfectly would you have any issues in the first place? That’s what health is! We need to have a positive focus and go towards what we want, health, and not away from sickness or disease. So how do we move towards increased function? By clearing out your nervous system of interference because that’s what is controlling all function and when you increase function you increase health. God did not create us as sick people who need to treat sicknesses to make up for lack. We have everything we need inside of us, yet we have never formally been taught how to express our potential.

 I never went to a pediatrician growing up or a medical doctor. Once again, if you’re already healthy why would you need to go to a medical doctor? They have nothing to offer that will promote health. However, I did get my spine and nervous system checked and adjusted at birth and I have had it maintained throughout my entire life. Your body needs no help, just no interference because only the power that made the body can heal the body. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have grown up exposed to the true principles of health. I am the 4th chiropractor in my family and my goal in life is to share this message of what health truly is and how to stay healthy with as many people as possible. I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience their fullest expression of life by choosing a paradigm shift.

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